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Wellstone July 6th Meeting

General Membership Meeting

Thurs. July 6, 7-9pm

Belle Cooledge Library
5600 South Land Park Drive
Sacramento, CA

At this meeting we will be having elections for Club President and also Vice President of Communications. Email the Steering Committee if you're interested in running.

We will also be voting on the new proposed bylaws. You can read them here.
Proposed Revision of the bylaws for consideration by the General Membership for July 6, 2017 (as approved by the Rules Committee on June 25, 2017 and Steering Committee on June 27, 2017)

More details coming soon...

Wellstone Membership Drive!

We need to boost our numbers so we can have the political clout to win things like single payer healthcare, a fracking ban, and tuition-free college.

Join or renew your Wellstone membership!
(You can pay dues or waive for hardship. Email your name, address, and phone number to Patricia at patricia459 [AT] yahoo.com to waive dues.)

Sponsorship Levels of Resistance
$10 - Young Turk (Student/Discount Membership)
-> Get a Bumper Sticker 
$20 - Activist (Regular Membership)
-> Get a Bumper Sticker
$50 - Revolutionary
-> Get a Bumper Sticker
-> Get a Plastic Megaphone
$150 - Aggressive Progressive
-> Get a Bumper Sticker
-> Get a Plastic Megaphone
-> Get 2 Tickets to Wellstone Oktoberfest

People's Climate Mobilization

People's Climate March Sacramento

California State Capitol, East Steps

On the 100th day of this administration, marches across the world will take place to send a unified and urgent message: Our communities demand responsible climate action for our families, our workers and our planet.

Join us for an interfaith opening prayer for the planet and humanity, and then a march surrounding the State Capitol Building. We'll rally together as we learn about existing climate solutions and local actions that we can all do to stabilize climate change. There will be lively music, fun interactive workshops, inspiring speakers and more!

Berniecrats Dinner @ The CDP Convention

The dinner will take place on Friday, May 19th at 8 PM at the Grand ballroom, a block from the Convention Center.

Grand Ballroom
1215 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814

You can buy tickets at

The 2016 elections may be over, but our political revolution continues! We've #DemEntered or #DemStayed and we are ready to work and fight to turn the Democratic Party into a truly grassroots, small-d-democratic and truly progressive party that represents workers and regular families -- the 99 percent. But first, it's time to break bread with our compañeros , re-establish friendships, build new ones, and just have fun!

Phone Bank for Kimberly Ellis, Jenny Bach (CDP Offices)

Wellstone has endorsed Kimberly Ellis for CDP Chair and Jenny Bach for CDP Secretary.

At our next general membership meeting on May 4 we may endorse for a few more CDP offices.

On Sat., May 6th we will call CDP Delegates to let them know about our endorsements and ask for their vote. Join us!

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1134042186742626/

Location: Democratic Party of Sacramento County
1033 S St, Ste 200, Sacramento, California 95811


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