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Vote for Wellstone Members as Bernie Delegates on Sunday!

You can make a big difference this Sunday afternoon: vote for these current & past Presidents of the Wellstone club to be Bernie delegates at the Democratic National Convention (local voting locations are below).

If you live in District 6 (Doris Matsui CD06), presidents Eric Sunderland, Tamie Dramer & Karen Bernal are all running to be delegates (3 male, 3 female and 1 female alternate will be elected from this district).

Also running in CD06 is long time Wellstone member (and former Wellstone school board endorsed candidate) Linda Tuttle and her husband Estanislao Paramo-Hernandez.

If you live in District 7 (Ami Bera CD07), former Wellstone Officer Andres Ramos and current secretary Patricia Johnson are running as delegates (3 male, 3 female and 1 male alternate will be elected from this district).

Also running in CD07 is Wellstone member Valarie Martin.

If you aren't sure about the other candidates (there are many candidates in some districts), please just vote for the Wellstone members. You can vote for up to 7 people in the above districts, but as only 3 men and 3 women will be elected (and 1 alternate), it will be more strategic to vote for just our members.

You can vote at these caucuses even if you’re not currently a registered Democrat. Rules of the California Democratic Party say: “Voters can register or re-register to vote at the caucus -- voter registration cards will be available.

We hope to see you tomorrow, Sunday, May 1 to vote for Bernie DNC Delegates!


Congressional District 6 (Doris Matsui)

Sierra 2 Center
Room 10
2791 24th Street
Sacramento, CA 95818
Cross streets: 24st & 3rd ave

 Map Location

Congressional District 7 (Ami Bera)

Rancho Cordova City Hall
American River North/South Rooms
2729 Prospect Park Dr
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
Gold Center Drive

Map Location

If you have another Congressional District representative, please look up voting locations here:

If you do not know which Congressional District you live in, you can look it up here: